Yury Revich Olario

A Kaleidoscopic World Premiere

Yury Revich Olario makes his first symphonic premiere with Firebird on Tuesday 13 June and a fresh take on the concept of a symphony

Yury Revich Olario is well known to Firebird audiences both as a virtuoso violinist and as a composer. His 2022 premiere of Awakening (The Blue Version) went down a storm.

But now his Symphony No.1 Kaleidoscope promises something fresh with a symphonic fusion comprising four movements, each representing a unique facet of the human experience and reflecting the fast rhythm of the modern world.

In this new symphony tradition merges with innovation, and cultures blend to create a unique fusion of past and future where live drums imitate electronics and east meets west. We are taken on a fascinating journey where each kaleidoscope creates a different experience, from an action film to a dance floor, to an epic battle.

ECHO Klassik and International Classical Music Awards Winner Yury Revich Olario is also Austrian’s UNICEF Ambassador who also describes himself as an Eco-Conscious Musician and Artist.

In the first movement, Labyrinthine, we are immersed in a world of constantly changing colours and shapes. We journey through soundscapes and patterns, where juxtaposed melodic fragments create one another.

Secondly in Rooz-e aftabi – Sunny day in Persian – we experience a celebration of life. Here the beat of middle eastern flair and jazz come together evoking warmth and radiance of a sunny day and where the music reflects the vibrancy of life and hope.

The Magic Forest presents a moment of mindfulness with a peaceful walk through a magic forest. The strings mimic the trees with their individual stories harmonising to create a symphony of sounds in a place of tranquility and wonder.

Finally in Peymat ha-zman –The Beat of Time in Hebrew, we discover the unpredictable nature of the modern world. As in a film where the scenario changes with each passing moment, we are driven through a kaleidoscope of memories and experiences.

Ultimately, Symphony No.1 Kaleidoscope is a poetic representation of the human experience, a journey through the ever-changing world of life, where the beat of time and the magic of music merge to create a unique modern symphonic concept.

Conductor Michael Thrift will be conducting this magnificent evening which includes the wonderful first symphony by Brahms. In addition to Yury’s world premiere we also look forward to his virtuoso performance of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto.

European Classics: Virtuoso

Tuesday 13 June 7.30pm 
St George’s Hanover Square, London

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64
Yury Revich Olario Kaleidoscope Symphony No.1 World premiere
Brahms Symphony No.1, Op. 68

Conductor Michael Thrift
Violin Yury Revich Olario