European Classics: Virtuoso

The latest work from virtuoso violinist Yury Revich Olario are framed by two great 19th century masterpieces in Firebird’s  next concert of European Classics…

Ever since its Leipzig premiere in 1845 after six years in the making, Mendelssohn’s violin concerto has remained among the most prominent and highly-regarded concertos of all time.

It was an innovative work for its day, moving away from the typical classical approach to a concerto in many ways, including having a fully notated cadenzas rather than the soloist improvising or composing their own.

Brahms’s first Symphony of 1876 clearly pays homage to the monumental symphonies of  Beethoven – to which Brahms himself said ‘any ass can see that’. Yet this aspect has occasionally earned the symphony the label ‘Beethoven’s Tenth’.

Conductor Michael Thrift will be setting the scene for this magnificent evening of great music. We are particularly excited to be welcoming back Yury Revich Olario (pictured below) to the stage – not just for his virtuoso performance of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto, but also for the world premiere of his new work Kaleidoscope Symphony no. 1 which we are thrilled to be hosting.

European Classics: Virtuoso

Tuesday 13 June 7.30pm 
St George’s Hanover Square, London

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64
Yury Revich Olario Kaleidoscope Symphony no. 1
Brahms Symphony No.1, Op. 68

Conductor Michael Thrift
Violin Yury Revich Olario