Martin James Bartlett

Meet the Soloist: Martin James Bartlett

Pianist Martin James Bartlett gives a personal insight into Mozart’s D minor concerto ahead of Firebird’s next concert on 30 April…

The first performance of this concerto took place at the Mehlgrube Casino in Vienna on 11 February 1785, with the composer as the soloist. A few days later, the composer’s father Leopold wrote to Mozart’s sister Nannerl about his recent success:

‘[I heard] an excellent new piano concerto by Wolfgang, on which the copyist was still at work when we got here, and your brother didn’t even have time to play through the rondo because he had to oversee the copying operation.’

The young Beethoven so admired this concerto that it became part of his repertoire. He even wrote a monumental cadenza for the final movement which Martin James Bartlett will include in his performance.

Martin James Bartlett

‘Martin James Bartlett brought maximum feeling to the music and played with astonishing delicacy and punch.’

The Daily Telegraph

According to Leopold’s report, Mozart used his own piano at the first performance which was specially equipped with a pedal-board for his feet! Presumably this was to reinforce the left-hand part.


George Jackson

Tuesday 30 April 2024, 7.30pm
St George’s Hanover Square
2A Mill Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1FX

Leonore Overture No.3, Op.72
Piano Concerto No.20 in D minor, K.466
Symphony No.8 in G, Op. 88

Conductor George Jackson
Piano Martin James Bartlett